OTIS Elevator Replacement Parts/ Replacement Parts for Selector Parts 
OT 6839W1
OEM 6939W1
Brush Switch Assembly used for 6850
selectors, 1-7/8" overall length
OT 156E3
OEM 156E3
Contact, Copper with top lay silver
for selector floor bars
OT 6850F1
OEM 6850F1
Selector Contact w/ 156E3
with Hardware
OT 6482C
OEM 6482C
Brush Plunger 
for 6850CA Selector 
OT 6850F2
OEM 6850F2
Selector Contact with carbon contact
OT A151C2
OEM A151C2
​Carbon Contact Tip 
for Brush Plunger A6482C2 
OT 6850F3
OEM 6850F3
Selector Contact 

OT A6839G1
OEM A6839G1
Leveling Switch with 2 1/4" Contact Arm
Switches & Contacts 
OT 6839B2
OEM 6839B2
Brush Switch with Eikonite Cam
OT 6839B3
OEM 6839B3
Brush Switch with Silver Contact 
OT 6839B4
OEM 6839B4
Brush Switch with Fiber Cam
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OT A6839G3
OEM A6839G3
Leveling Switch with Long Cam Arm
OT 269R1
OEM 269R1
Indicator Contact