STALEY/ Car Door Hanger Assembly #13013
ST 13013
OEM# 13013
Car Door Hanger Assembly 
Part No.              Name of Part            
13013-1             Sheave Box             
13013-2A           Sheave Assemby  
13013-4             Jam Nut
13013-5             Special Bolt
13013-6             Eccentric Shaft
13013-7             Roller (See Picture Below)
13013-8             Jam. Nut (small)
13013-9             Hex. H. Tap Screw, Jam Nuts and Plain Washers
13013-10           Shakeproof Lock Washer
13013-11           Track Wiper Assembly 
ST 13013-7
OEM# 13013-7
Pictures of Parts Below: