Staley/ MS2 DC Relay Assembly No. 16024 DC
Part No.       Name of Part
16024-3       Relay Frame
16024-B5     Spring Retainer
16024-7       Yoke Insulator
16024-9       Contact Actuator
16024-10     Coil Retaining Insulator
16024-11     Spring
16024-12     DC Relay Core
16024-13     Support Angle
16024-14     Coil Terminal Mount DC
16024-16     Yoke Insulator
16024-17     Headbolt
16024-30     Contact Blade Silver Cadmium Oxide
16024-31     Contact Blade Silver Cadmium Oxide
16024-35     Non Magnetic Rivet
16024-38     Armature DC
16018-3A    Contact Spacer-Insulator Intermediate
16018-3C    Contact Spacer-Insulator Bottom
16018-4      Contact Head Bar
16017-21B  Wiring Finger
16017-21C  Wiring Finger 

Photos of Parts:
ST 16024-DC
OEM # 16024 DC
MS2 DC Relay Assembly without Contacts
ST 16024-38
OEM # 16024-38
Armature DC